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What is the meaning of life? | ”生活的意义是什么” 双语沙龙精彩回顾 @12.13

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of your life? When we were young, we were told that we need to study really hard for a better future and when we grow up, we need to work hard for a better life. What is the point of everything? Or does everything need to have a point?
At the age of 5, I thought my meaning of life was to get my mom's full attention , because whenever I did, I felt so happy and loved.
At the age of 12, I thought the meaning of my life was to keep my best friend with me forever, because whenever I had fight with her, I was so upset and the sky was falling.
At the age of 18, I thought the meaning of life was to get into the best universities in China, because i was told that would be the only way to a better future.
At the age of 20, I thought the meaning of life was to get married with my first boyfriend and make a happy familiy together, becuase I thought he was my everything and my future.
However, none of them have ever worked out. As I grew older, attention from my mom I got was not as much as when I was little.
然而, 任何一个我曾认为的生活的意义都没有持续长久。随着我长大, 妈妈给我的注意力没有小时候那么多了。
I even lost the contact of my best friend I had at the age of 12
I did go to one of the best universities in China, but it seemed to have a much less impact on my life as I thought it could be.
And I broke with my first boyfriend and we didnt make a family.
Two years ago, at the age of 22, I had the opportunity to study and live abraod. I also got the chance to travel quite a lot during my time abroad.
Something has changed in me when I first got to the land of Uganda, Africa ealier this year. My life there was completely different than before.
I got to see so directly of what poverty means. I got to see children begging on the street. I also got to see people who cannot affort a meal and they are dying becuase of diseases.
That was when I first realized how privileged I have always been.
And that was when I found my meaning of life was to share and to show that I care.
At the end of the October, I came back to Beijing, China. Beijing has been developing really fast and everything to me was super new since I left Beijing for six years.
I started to realize that people here are always super busy, everything is moving so fast, people are walking so fast.
So I have been wondering a lot, what is the point of being so busy? What is the point of moving so fast and walking so fast? I wondered if people would ever think of the meaning of them being as how they are now?
Therefore, I brought up this question "What is the meaning of life?" and discussed with more than 20 people on a cozy Wednesday night.
所以,我想到了这个话题,“生命的意义是什么?” 在一个舒适的周三傍晚,和20多人一起讨论了这个话题。
Lots of key words have been mentioned during this discussion.
In addition, we have talked about our "dream jobs and how we can get closer to our dream jobs?" Lot of beautiful words have been referred to the meaning of life. We have discovered that we do not have to struggle too much on the true meaning of life, because there is no one single definition of the meaning of life. Each person can have his or her own definition. All we have to do it to be happy and to become better.
除此以外,我们还谈论了我们“梦想中的工作和我们怎样才能距离梦想更近?” 许许多多美丽的语言都被提及。我们也发现,其实每个人生命的意义都可以是不同的,我们没必要纠结生命究竟是怎样的意义。更重要的是过好当下,拥有快乐的人生,并且不要停止追求更好的自己。

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Hello! Xiuzi here. A 24 year old girl with an adventurous spirit. I have been traveling around the world for the past two years and been to 27 countries mainly in Europe, Middle East and Africa. I love people and hearing lots of beautiful stories. I have seen different lives in various situations so I wondered a lot about the meaning of everything. I wish to hear your stories and your unique opinion. So come and join me for this fun discussion !

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