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  • 8 facts about love and marriage in America关于美国爱情和婚姻的8个真相

    The landscape of relationships in America has shifted dramatically in recent decades. From cohabitation to same-sex marriage to interracial and interethnic marriage, here are eight facts about love and marriage in the United States. 近几十年来,美国的婚恋关系发生了颠覆性的转变...

  • 德州扑克常见术语(中英文对照)

    玩家位置1. Button--庄家位置,也被称作按钮位线上游戏中第一局庄家位置由系统随机指定,线下游戏时可以大家抽牌决定,抽到最大牌的人的做第一局的庄家,以后每局庄家位置按照顺时针方向下移一位。2. Big Blind--大盲注,简称BB庄家左手数起第二位即为大盲注,牌局开始前需固定下注的位置,一般下注额为当...

  • 深度工作,一项现代社会越来越稀有而珍贵的技能

    深度工作不是一份工作,而是一份技能,被无数优秀的学者,思想家,成功人士所熟练运用的技能。在本书中--卡尔•纽波特(Cal Newport):麻省理工学院计算机科学博士,乔治城大学计算机科学副教授,热卖书作家。为我们全方面阐述了:这项技能是什么?为什么这么重要,尤其在现代社会?以及如何去掌握它?深度工作:在无干...

  • To know or not to know, that's a question!”知道还是不知道,这是个问题” 双语沙龙精彩回顾 @12.20

    1. The knowledge illusionA teacher is asking her student:" Do you understand this?" The students reply with a loud "Yes". But the exams prove that most kids have misjudged their learning. When we were students, we all had similar experience.In many cases, we think we alre...

  • What is the meaning of life?”生活的意义是什么” 双语沙龙精彩回顾 @12.13

    Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of your life? When we were young, we were told that we need to study really hard for a better future and when we grow up, we need to work hard for a better life. What is the point of everything? Or does everything need to have a poin...

  • 双语狼人杀指南Bilingual Werewolf Guide

    The Werewolves of Millers Hollow is a game created by the French authors Philippe des Pallières and Hervé Marly that can be played with 8 to 18 players. The game is based on the Russian game Mafia. 狼人杀,有两位法国人,基于杀人游戏(苏联莫斯科大学心理学系的迪米...

  • 关于PET约读会,我想说的话

    看惯了各种宣传效果的海报和软文,听过了各种坊间小巷的传闻,已经不再相信看到的听到的,我只相信我体验到的,来一次,体验一次,才知道什么是适合自己的 。一个乐园的简介群主艾帅催促我写读书会的宣传已经不是一天两天了...

  • 【双语阅读】Mars and Venus on a date #6 Stage three: Exclusivity II第三阶段:排他阶段 2

  • PET Lemons Show首秀回顾~

    Hi,大家好,我是Lemons,一周没见啦,你们还好吗?11月25号Lemons和PET后英语时代的首次线下活动如期在三里屯SOHO 举行啦,现场光临的20余位小伙伴和Lemons一起度过了一个英语与音乐交相辉映的充实夜晚,现在和大家一起回顾...

  • 【双语阅读】Mars and Venus on a date #4 Stage One: Attraction第一阶段:相互吸引

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