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F4 Winter Ultimate invitational Battle | 冰与火之歌~ F4极限飞盘冬季邀请赛

Mon周一2023/01/02 14:00 - 16:00
Introduction / 内容介绍
❄️❄️Winter has arrived, but the passion for the Ultimate is even hotter🔥🔥
🥏🥏🥏 Let's battle in the biggest and most comfortable indoor place within 5th ring. It's a new venue, 7-people field, floor heating, parking facilities, the bathroom is not out of the door, you can wear sleeves and shorts and run like in the summer here🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
【F4 winter invitational】 is around the corner, let's BATTLE together. The goal of our game is to have fun and enjoy playing, and then become a better player and better team❤️❤️❤️
Attention / 赛事须知
Competition time 比赛时间
A vs B -- 16:00-16:19 C vs D -- 16:20-16:39 A vs C -- 16:40-17:59 B vs D -- 17:00-17:19 A vs D -- 17:20-17:39 B vs C -- 17:40-18:00
Start at 14:00 on time. Please come early and warm up.
Award and Photo 颁奖与合照
1st place: ¥300 voucher 2nd place: ¥100 voucher 3rd place: A Disc (闪动) 4th place: A Disc (PET FLY) MVP from each team: Glove(闪动) Disc(闪动,PET FLY)
第一名:300元比赛代金券 第二名:100元比赛代金券 第三名:一张飞盘 (闪动) 第四名:一张飞盘 (PET FLY) 每队推选一位MVP:手套(闪动) 飞盘(闪动,PET FLY)
We will finish on time. Please go outside the door for the award presentation and group photo. The venue is heated, so don't worry about the temperature.
The Rules of Winter F4 F4冬季赛赛事规则
【Size】4 teams (ABCD, draw before the game) 【Field】52 * 23 m (36 * 23 m for the middle area, 8 * 23 m for the end zone) 【Players】6v6, 3m + 3f or 4m + 2f per team, determined by teams before the game 【Time】19 minutes a round, 1 minutes for change 【Countdown】7s, count from 1 to 7, end at 7 【Pull】The captains decides the pull side; after scoring, direction will be switched, the scoring side must pass disc to continue the attack within 7s immediately 【Score】More than 1 pass to score 【Substitution】No stop in game, high five to change in the middle -----------------------------
【团队数量】4队(ABCD,赛前抽签决定) 【场地大小】 52 * 23米(争夺区36 * 23米,得分区8 * 23米) 【参赛人数】6v6,每队3男3女或4男2女,由比赛双方赛前协商 【比赛时间】19分钟,1分钟交流与休息 【防守读秒】7秒,从1数到7,到7时读秒结束 【得分】每次得分需要1次以上的传接 【发盘】队长们猜拳决定比赛开盘方;得分后变换进攻方向,得分方必须马上在7秒内出盘继续进攻 【换人】换人不停比赛,中场击掌换人,场上不得多人;
Spirit Of The Game 比赛精神
In our F4 invitational, to continue to raise the bar for the team and ourselves, please respect SOTG.
1) Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the rules. 2) Make safe plays. 3) Listen and trust your opponent, try to take on board their point of view and don’t instantly think they might be cheating. 4) Keep a positive attitude when communicating with others. 5) Teach new or younger players to do the same as you would. 6) Play to win, but play to win fairly. -----------------------------
1) 对规则有全面的了解。 2) 注意安全。 3) 倾听和信任你的对手,试着接受他们的观点,不要立刻认为他们可能在作弊。 4) 与人交流时保持积极的态度。 5) 教新球员或年轻球员做同样的事情。 6) 比赛是为了赢,但要公平地赢。
📢SOTG, we value:【Enjoy playing】and【Communicate respectfully】, we respect the rules, but never take advantage of the rules
F4 invitational / F4邀请赛
The Ultimate has gradually become the most popular and fashionable team sport among young people. To better experience the fun of team competition brought by Ultimate, the International Youth Community PET organizes the F4 Ultimate Open Battle - 4 teams invitational tournament every month. We will invite Ultimate lovers who have officially formed a team and have done several times team training. We strive to set up rules that are close to official competitions under limited conditions, let each team can not only enjoy the competitive fun, but also improve the team's competitive level. In the game, every Ultimate player can better themselves. Our slogan is: Battle For Better.
极限飞盘已经逐渐成为当下最流行的年轻人的团队运动项目,为了更好的体验极限飞盘带来的团队竞技性的乐趣,PET国际青年社区每个月组织一次F4极限飞盘邀请赛。我们会邀请已经正式组队并进行过训练的飞盘爱好者战队进行友谊赛,每次4只队伍进行循环。我们力求在有限条件下设置贴近正式比赛的规则,让每个团队不仅享受比赛带来的竞技乐趣,又能提升团队的竞技水平,并在比赛中,每一位极限飞盘爱好者都可以成为更好的自己。我们的口号是:Battle For Better。
Past events 往期赛事
F4#1 2021/11 漫飞/GymGang/蔚北/PET Fly
F4#2 2021/12 蔚北/厚朴/友友+牛仔/PET Fly
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F4#4 2022/02 YJ/Koolkids/蔚北/PET Fly
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F4#11 2022/10 NFC/UN/Disc it+NoBB/PET FLY

Organizer / 组织者
alex / PET Founder
I'm Alex, a very atypical IT guy. I love learning language and cultures, taking part in networking events, meeting interesting people. It was fortunate that I met many amazing friends and learned a lot from them. They inspired me and made me realize something more meaningful for my life. So I started to establish an English community, "Post English Time"(PET), since June 2011. I hope more people benefit from it as what I experienced. My goal is to make it a trustworthy and interesting community that can help others. I used to work for IT/Internet companies for years. And now I'm focusing on running and growing PET, and devoting to create a platform which can get more interesting people involved. Hope one day, when you want more possibilities in your life, PET can be your top choice.
Registration completed
Attendees / 参与者

Attention / 注意事项
This event is invitation-only and open registration is not accepted
Photographers have been invited, the photos without watermarks
Because of the outbreak, covid-19 testing is needed within 24 hours
Please sign up in advance, or pay extra ¥30
The event will be cancelled if the number of participants is less than 1/3 of the expected number
If you're unable to attend, please postpone the participation on the registration page. If refunded, deduct 10% registration fee.
Event / 活动信息
Time / 时间
2023/01/02 Mon 14:00 - 16:00
2023/01/02 周一 14:00点 - 16:00点
Fee / 费用
1500¥, Team registration
1500元, 战队报名费
150¥, Individual
150元, 个人
Address / 地址
Hengtong International Innovation Park, No.9 Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District
朝阳区酒仙桥北路9号 恒通国际创新园
Contact / 联系主办方
PostEnglishTime, Speak English, make friends, be interested in people and connect the world
PET is a high-quality network of English-speaking international youth in Beijing. We organize various social activities and provide various community services. Our mission is to build a high-quality community of locals or expats who are interested in culture, language, technology, and humanities.
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