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  • PET 一周朗读计划 No.10读英文,练发音,涨知识,赢大奖


    08/26 06:00
  • Strategic Personal Safety "Intuitions and Responsiveness"策略性人身安全工作坊:安全意识与突发事件的应对

    Eddie Wazen博士将会为我们带来“策略性人身安全”工作坊,这对于生活在大都市,在办公室工作,独立生活,又喜欢旅行的年轻人,非常有帮助。安全意识可以让你快速评估环境风险,避免陷入危险境地。应对策略可以帮你在紧急情况发生时,通过简单的防御技巧与沟通技巧安全脱身,而不至于产生无法弥补的后果。

    50 6
    08/25 19:00
  • PET Co-Reading No.9读喜欢的书和对的人一起分享

    LET'S SHARE OUR CURRENT READING EXPERIENCES WITH INTERESTING PEOPLE If you like reading books and sharing what you've learned with people from different backgrounds, welcome to the PET Bilingual Reading Club.

    45 4
    08/25 15:00
  • Polish your accent, Received Pronunciation(Typical British Accent) Camp IV让你拥有正宗"女王音",英音(RP)正音精品训练营4


    32 2
    08/25 14:30
  • PET Co-Work, work with people from different backgroundsPET体验联合办公,与不同背景的人一起工作,分享成果,碰撞新想法

    PET Co-Work is a co-work event for entrepreneurs, freelancers and slash youths, allowing participants from different industries to work together, share, discuss ideas, build connection and become friends or partners. You are welcome to bring your own small projects, recent ...

    45 3
    08/25 10:00
  • PET Summer Night Cocktail PartyPET夏夜鸡尾酒派对

    After a long week of work, you need to relax and chill, especially in this season. 工作了一周,你需要好好放松一下,特别在这个季节~

    77 11
    08/24 20:00
  • Make friends, share insights & experiences...in Chinese!用汉语...结识新朋友、分享知识和经历!

    Chinese learners are welcome to an evening of Chinese-only conversation, friendship and fun! 也欢迎学习中文的外国朋友前来结识新朋友,通过中文交流,和大家一起度过愉快的时光。

    62 6
    08/24 19:00
  • Make your speech wonderful like a TED Talk做出像TED一样精彩的演讲

    我们相信你一定看过很多TED演讲,也深受各界大咖们的影响,但你是否也想做一个自己的TED Talk呢?或者你是否想学习一下如何把自己的演讲/自己的故事,讲的像一次TED Talk一样精彩呢?演讲教练Joyce为你讲解:如何做出像TED一样精彩的演讲。

    142 10
    08/24 16:00
  • PET Speed NetworkingConnect all smart/sexy people around the world

    What is a better way to start the weekend than to chill out, network, meet new friends and play social games at our Friday night in a great place, like a rooftop bar in Guomao.

    222 30 2
    08/23 19:30
  • 实用日语入门 44次课程,让你掌握日语简单会话


    37 8
    08/22 19:00
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