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What Careers Best Suit Introverts and Extroverts? | 内向和外向最适合什么职业?

Wed周三2020/06/24 20:00 - 21:30

Topic / 话题

Would you identify yourself as being an introvert or an extrovert? You can find people who fall under each of these categories in most workplaces and particular traits displayed by each personality type mean that they tend to work in different ways.
For example, some of us strive when working with others, whereas others perform better when they work on their own. For this reason, certain jobs are better suited to introverts and extroverts. Let's discuss what Careers suit Introverts and Extroverts this Wednesday night !

Host / 主持人

汪霄红 Yuki / HRD
Post English Time Cofounder
虎嗅 人力资源总监
WPP-Grey Group 高级人力资源经理
新加坡 马尼拉 海外HR

Language and culture are the miracle stuff which open my mind and make me happy. I wouldn't 'see my growing on career and life without them. Recent years, I realized that developing the path of women's career became to my passion of life. As an organizer and co-founder of PostEnglishTime(PET), I am developing various programs for the women community in Beijing, even China. And more solutions for female'growing has been what I am devoting to for long. Please join this community and join me, we need to do something for women.
You and I, let's grow, be happy, be fearless at PET.
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Time / 时间
2020/06/24 Wed 20:00 - 21:30
2020/06/24 周三 20:00点 - 21:30点
Number / 人数
12 people around
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19¥, Online Tencent Meeting
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