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PET Open Party No.2, an online UNconference | "芒种",让我们一起播种【新生活】

Sat周六2020/06/20 14:00 - 17:00
重要提示:PET Open Party本着开放、平等、自由、共享的宗旨,采用“非会议(Unconference)”的形式, 为社区的朋友们创建一个开放与自由的分享和交流环境。 我们的目标是给每一位参与者提供交流思想,增长见闻与结识新朋友的机会。活动形式注重多元化,有趣,有价值,有启发与创新性。
Introduction / 内容介绍
"Grain in Ear" is called "busy planting" in folk. For the autumn harvest, now is the busiest time for the industrious people in the fields.
”芒种”,民间称为“忙着种”, 为了秋熟作物的丰收, 现在是田间勤劳的人儿最繁忙的时刻。
Although we are living in the city, far away from the countryside and free from the pain of labor, the pressure of work and life is not easy at all. However we believe that... God rewards the diligent, and good things will come as promised.
生活在都市里的我们,虽然已远离田园, 免去劳作之苦,但工作与生活的压力, 丝毫没有一点轻松。但我们相信... 天道酬勤,美好一定如约而至。
Post Pandemic Time...
Let's plant one hope, make the effort, build a relationship, make a dream... at PET Open Party And wait for a new life coming soon.
让我们一起种一下 一个希望, 一份努力, 一段关系, 一个梦想, ... 等待收获新的生活。
Welcome to PET Open Party II, Let's plant a new life, and have fun with interesting people.
欢迎来到PET开放式聚会第二期, 让我们与更多有趣的灵魂一起, 种下新生活~
PET Open Party 开放式聚会
An Online UNconference in the Pandemic
invite you and connect with interesting people
Where you could... Share your own stories, interests and experiences, Freely express opinions and initiate an interesting conversation, Learn from each other, understand each other, and see the bigger world together
就在这里,你可以... 分享自己的故事,兴趣与经历, 自由表达意见,引发一场有趣讨论, 相互学习,相互理解,一起看更大的世界
No one is an island
What's UNconference? 什么是非会议?
An UNconferences is a conference organized, structured, and led by the people attending it. Instead of passive listening, all attendees and organizers are encouraged to become participants, with discussion leaders providing moderation and structure for attendees. UNconferences, by comparison, allow greater freedom of movement and exchange of ideas. Instead of one person delivering prepared remarks in front of a PPT or a panel discussing with a set topic, UNconferences encourage (or even require) active participation by all attendees.
Who’s the guest (conversation leader)? 谁是嘉宾(主题对话发起人)?
If you have ...
an unforgettable trip a society issue concerned an outstanding skill work experience to be proud of a great design a unique idea an amazing adventure even a dream which has been in your mind to date
一次难忘的旅行, 一个特别关注的社会热点, 一项自以为傲的技能, 一段出色的工作经历, 一部特别用心的作品, 一个有趣的点子或很深的脑洞, 一段艰辛的创业经历, 一个对某行业的洞见, 一次不大不小的冒险, 一个有趣的理论, 一些生活工作的小窍门, 甚至一个梦想...
Any topic, if you value it and willing to share it, feel free to share as a Guest of PET Open Party. You can initiate a conversation, lead other people who have the same interest as you to learn from each other and inspire each other.
任何值得分享与探讨的主题, 只要你认为重要,并愿意拿出来分享, 你都可以成为PET Open Party的嘉宾, 发起一次【主题对话】, 在这里与不同背景但又志趣相投的朋友们 一起分享与探讨,相互学习,相互启发。
Conversation can be conducted in different forms such as sharing, discussion, games, exercises, debates, brainstorming, etc You can design any interaction as long as the space can do it.
主题对话的形式可以是: 分享,讨论,游戏,训练,头脑风暴,辩论等, 只要你能想到的互动方式, 只要场地空间能够满足都可以。
Each conversation lasts 40 minutes. Our recommended schedule: 10-20mins: Start topic & share stories or opinion 10-20mins: Q&A, discussions, other interactions 0-5 mins: Branding, promoting, advertising
每次对话的时间为40分钟, 我们推荐的时间安排: 10-20分钟:嘉宾引导,分享与讲解 10-20分钟:参与者提问,讨论与互动 0-5分钟:品牌推广,带货宣传等广告。
Who's the attendee (Voter)? 谁是参与人(对话投票人)?
As the attendee of the PET Open Party, You must be a very curious person who likes to learn and explore new things.
作为PET Open Party的参与者, 你一定是有好奇心的, 并且热衷于学习与了解更多不同的人与事。
At the same time, you are also responsible for your own and others' time and effort. In this case, what you have to do is to vote for a topic of interest.
同时,你也是有责任感的, 对自己和他人的时间与付出负责。 在这里,你需要做的就是 选择感兴趣的【对话主题】, 并为这个主题投票。
Meanwhile, you are also free, When you find that the conversation you joined is not what you expected You can participate in others as long as you don't disturb anyone else. In one word, choose what you like and get involved.
同时,你也是自由的, 当你发现发起人或者Ta讲的内容, 并不是你感兴趣的, 你可以随时选择参与其他主题, 只要你不打扰到别人就行。 选择你喜欢的,认真参与其中就可以了。
Who's facilitator? (Organizer) 谁是活动引导人(组织者)?
As the facilitator of PET Open Party You must be a responsible, warm-hearted person. Because you're going to do assistive work. Such as... Help initiator test the equipment Maintain the order on the site Handle some emergencies Share a part of planning and paperwork
作为PET Open Party的引导者 你一定是位有责任感的热心肠。 因为你要协助很多人完成任务, 比如... 帮助发起人调试设备 维持场地的秩序 解决一些突发事件 完成一部分策划与文案工作
Alex and Yuki, the founders of PET, are the facilitators right now. As the core idea of this event is openness and sharing, so we hope more friends will join us to improve the event together.
PET Open Party现在的引导者, 也是活动发起人 也是PET社区的创始人: Alex 与 Yuki 但这个活动,如同名字一样 是一个开放的“非会议”聚会。 我们希望邀请更多小伙伴参与进来 一起把活动越做越好,不断迭代升级。
You are more than welcome to join us as a facilitator. Let's contribute to interesting souls Together💪
每次活动最后, 我们都会招募下一期的引导者, 让我们一起去支持更多”有趣的灵魂“吧。

Host / 主持人
汪霄红 Yuki / HRD
虎嗅 人力资源总监
WPP-Grey Group 高级人力资源经理
新加坡 马尼拉 海外HR

Language and culture are the miracle stuff which open my mind and make me happy. I wouldn't 'see my growing on career and life without them. Recent years, I realized that developing the path of women's career became to my passion of life. As an organizer and co-founder of PostEnglishTime(PET), I am developing various programs for the women community in Beijing, even China. And more solutions for female'growing has been what I am devoting to for long. Please join this community and join me, we need to do something for women.
You and I, let's grow, be happy, be fearless at PET.
Alex / PET Founder
I'm Alex, a very atypical IT guy. I love learning language and cultures, taking part in networking events, meeting interesting people. It was fortunate that I met many amazing friends and learned a lot from them. They inspired me and made me realize something more meaningful for my life. So I started to establish an English community, "Post English Time"(PET), since June 2011. I hope more people benefit from it as what I experienced. My goal is to make it a trustworthy and interesting community that can help others. I used to work for IT/Internet companies for years. And now I'm focusing on running and growing PET, and devoting to create a platform which can get more interesting people involved. Hope one day, when you want more possibilities in your life, PET can be your top choice.
Activity has finished

Schedule / 流程安排
14:00 - 14:15
15:10 - 15:45
Guests pitch and participants vote for one of interest
15:50 - 16:20
Two or three rounds of conversations
16:20 - 17:00
Wrap-up in Wechat Group
Attendees / 参与者

Attention / 注意事项
"Conversation" can be conducted in different forms such as sharing, discussion, games, exercises, debates, brainstorming, etc.
Anyone can be a conversation initiator(Guest). Or as a participant, please vote actively for one of interest.
Each round of conversation will be held in several meeting rooms at the same time, participants can switch between rooms at any time, but please do not disturb others.
Please install Tencent/voov meeting APP on your device in advance
Free activities, please register in advance in case there are no seats available
The event will be cancelled if the number of participants is less than 1/3 of the expected number
Event / 活动信息
Time / 时间
2020/06/20 Sat 14:00 - 17:00
2020/06/20 周六 14:00点 - 17:00点
Number / 人数
300 people around
Address / 地址
Tencent Meeting, 请下载腾讯会议APP或电脑上的客户端软件
Contact / 联系主办方
PostEnglishTime, Speak English, make friends, be interested in people and connect the world
PET is a high-quality network of English-speaking international youth in Beijing. We organize various social activities and provide various community services. Our mission is to build a high-quality community of locals or expats who are interested in culture, language, technology, and humanities.
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