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情商,一个可能被严重忽视的硬伤 PET双语沙龙精彩回顾@6/19 | Emotional Intelligence - The Overlooked Intelligence

李蒙霏-Will 2019-06-19
How many of you have noticed the VPN this week has not been working quite efficiently? While we are being frustrated about the high-tech bugs, our thoughts and emotions could create either positive or negative feelings internally, which might interfere our decisions. Looking around, Artificial Intelligence, social media, 5G are no longer the "unbranded names," all these things continue to revolutionize our lives. It seems to be the case that the more we know about the terms, the more intelligence we are. Meanwhile, there's another type of the intelligence we seldom pay attention to - emotional intelligence. What is E.T? By definition, it means "the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically." With that said, let's examine some of the crucial questions and test if we are "capable" enough to comprehend Emotional Intelligence.
The reason why I picked this topic initially was the relevancy with the audience. Since majority of the attendees are familiar with other “intelligence” fields. However, the concept of Emotional Intelligence might be new to them. As the high-tech continued to dominate our lives, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of Emotional Intelligence. It’s one of the most critical skills that we have to master in terms of building relationships and friendships.
I have to admit that the ladies did amazing job that night! Many female speakers stood out, sharing their views and opinions boldly. What they brought to the discussions and debates demonstrated their sensitivity and wisdom on this matter. I am very proud of all the ladies. There is no limitations on their creativity and facts based presentations.
Again, it was so hard not to participate among the attendees, as the host of the night. Timing is rather crucial. The biggest challenge is to balance the time. I will try to do better next time.
Through attending and hosting this event, I was able to connect with new friends. These younger generations are passionate about the topics, boldly and bravely shared their input. I could feel the enthusiasm from them. They will be the backbones for the future of the nation. Second, how to delegate the tasks is rather important. I need to have better communication with Alex to ensure the meaningful results.

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李蒙霏-Will / Project Manager
X School
Hello, everyone. This is Will. I just moved back to Beijing and excited to meet new friends. I am fluent in English, Chinese and German. I am a project manager at X School in Beijing. X School are the one of the fastest international education institutions in Beijing. We are educating our students for Global Citizens, as well as creative thinkers. As the former international journalist and global thinker, I can tell you X School is the place where students and teachers shine at the same time!

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