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给每一个想创业人的小小建议 PET双语沙龙精彩回顾@8/21 | Advice for people who want to quit the job and start up a business

simon wu 2019-08-21
Waking up early to catch a crowded metro. Sitting at the office from 9-9pm, getting home tired and exhausted and doing it all over again the next day... until retirement. Have you ever thought about leaving your cushy life but to start up your own business? Do you have strategies to conquer your fear of starting a business?
I was inspired by people like Alex. I am curious about the motives behind different startups. Being a entrepreneur myself, I hope the seminar make people think about it.
The debate session became the highlight of the whole night. We have witnessed entrepreneur making the statement from which I saw commitment and belief.
It was different from what I thought . I thought I was more like a speaker but through the whole night I was a listener listening to people talking about their life and wishes.
I could have done much better if I have prepared more carefully. Look forward to the next session.

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simon wu / CEO

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