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【Speech Workshop I】Speaking with Confidence | 双语演讲工作坊1 自信表达

Sun周日2018/06/24 19:00 - 21:00
Introduction / 内容介绍
Will you be getting anxious when you are going to have a public speaking to make? You can’t eat and sleep well due to nervousness?
You talk totally fine off the stage while doing 1 on 1 communication, once you get on the stage, your mind goes blank and can’t help stammering?
You have your own points and wanted to state, but you just can’t help worrying what if you can’t say it correctly, you were too hesitant to lose opportunity to win?
Have you been struggling with your inner voice: "I am not good enough?" and allow that voice stops yourself from standing up and make your voice heard?
Join Joyce to find out the root cause on confident speaking, prepare our inner self to manage our fear and anxiety, learn and practice how to speak from our heart , and pick up tips to present ourselves confidently. Finally, enhance your personal competitiveness.
The series of Bilingual Public Speaking workshop includes 3 sessions, provides people with better career development and personal social life.
Workshop I: Speaking with Confidence
工作坊一:自信表达 @6.24
You will learn following ways & tips: 1.OK Model 2.Effective eye contact 3. Nervousness Management
你将收获如下技能:1.自信的心态建设 2.有效的眼神交流 3.消除焦虑秘诀
Workshop II: 3 Steps for Charismatic Speaking
工作坊二:魅力表达三步曲 @7.1
You will learn following ways & tips: 1. Nice Flow 2.Clear Statement 3. Vivid Expression
你将收获如下技能:1.身正声正 2.重音停顿 3.重现情绪
Workshop III: Effective Speaking
工作坊三:有效表达 @7.8
You will learn following ways & tips1. Know your audience 2. Structure your speech 3. Story Telling
你将收获如下技能:1.换位思考 2.演讲构架 3.讲故事技能

Host / 主持人
邹严飞(Joyce) / Professional Trainer & Speech Coach
Joyce is a Professional trainer and speech coach, with her 10 years IBM working and training experience ,and 8 years’ toastmasters public speaking practice, she is passionate to share her practice and develop people to communicate and present authentically.
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Attendees / 参与者

Attention / 注意事项
The event will be cancelled if the number of participants is less than 1/3 of the expected number
If you're unable to attend, please postpone the participation on the registration page. If refunded, deduct 10% registration fee.
Event / 活动信息
Time / 时间
2018/06/24 Sun 19:00 - 21:00
2018/06/24 周日 19:00点 - 21:00点
Fee / 费用
49¥, 早鸟票
49元, 早鸟票
90¥, 双人票
90元, 双人票
59¥, 当日票
59元, 当日票
110¥, 当日双人票
110元, 当日双人票
69¥, 现场票
69元, 现场票
Address / 地址
南鱼5A生活馆, 2nd floor, block B, Jinhu center, No. 23, baijiazhuangDongli, Chaoyang
东三环白家庄东里23号 锦湖中心 二层 南鱼5A生活馆
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